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Alternative Travel to Brazil

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Having only scratched the surface of Brazil on my multiple week holiday to Forteleza, Salvador da Bahia, and the interior of Minas Gerais, I vowed that I must go back to Brazil. Before my next trip,  I already know that I will have to brush up on my Portuguese and samba. In the meantime, I.
As I mentioned before, a way to truly understand a culture is through experiencing its food.  I have had the opportunity to learn many wonderful recipes throughout my travels.  All of which, I use in my daily life and for entertaining. Although I did not spend as much time in Brazil as I have in.
As the second component of the good, the bad, and the ugly, I must share a trip to meet my in-laws. Nearly ten years ago and after only six months of dating, my now husband and I made plans to visit his family in Minas Gerais, an interior agricultural state of Brazil. Upon my arrival,.