Month: November 2012


Cuenca and its Hanging Houses

One of my most vivid memories of many weekend getaways from Madrid was the splendid, walled city of Cuenca. Cuenca with its hanging houses above

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Top Five Posts of My Fourth Year

How times flies when you are hot air ballooning, sailing the Abacos, observing glaciers from of helicopter, or just relaxing! This year has certainly been

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South American

Alternative Travel to Brazil

Having only scratched the surface of Brazil on my multiple week holiday to Forteleza, Salvador da Bahia, and the interior of Minas Gerais, I vowed

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North American

Hot Air Ballooning Miami

I’m an adventure junkie! If there’s something new that I haven’t tried, I’m immediately drawn towards it. That’s why over the past few years, I’ve

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