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Cultural Travel to Kauai through Taro

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I say potato, you say patato. I say tomato, you say tamato. I say taro, whereas in Kauai, many will say kalo. Regardless of how you say it, on your travels to Kauai, you will no doubt come across taro in one of its numerous forms whether eating poi at a luau or awing at.
At the tail end of a whirlwind, eight-day, maiden voyage tour to Down Under, including Tasmania, Sydney, the Blue Mountains, Ayers Rock, the Great Barrier Reef, and Cairns, I had traveled by catamaran, helicopter, bus, foot, cable car, plane, semi-submersible, and car. I was short one of the most pleasant ways to travel; yes, you.
Get out your bucket list! The North Island of New Zealand and its Bay of Islands must be on it. For those that haven’t yet traveled to the Bay of Islands, New Zealand, let me show you what you’re missing. Get on with it! (And, for those of you that have already visited this outstanding adventure.