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As the nickname implies, I have traveled a lot and I continue to do so always with a touch of sass, fun, and cleverness. Being very curious and a perpetual student, I feel that traveling is truly the best form of education with lessons in each and every step, meal, or person I meet.

Most of my travel stories and tips are geared for adventure travel and culture tourism seekers. This can mean active travel in the great outdoors, exploring unique and/or remote destinations, and always with a touch of local culture through its cuisine, wine, music, dance, language, or other.

I close most of my posts with, “Here’s to more good times and good stories.” It comes from my belief that every occasion in life can be categorized as either a good time or a good story. And, isn’t it so true? Some of the best stories that I write are about less than optimal situations, like a run-in with a 1,000 pound tree limb or spending Christmas Eve in a brothel. However, they all are indeed good stories. (In fact, the story of the tree turned into a book, When All Balls Drop.)

I hope you enjoy my good times and good stories.


Ms Traveling Pants (aka Heidi Siefkas)


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