When embarking on the journey of a lifetime, no one wants to be weighed down by unnecessary baggage.

So if you’re planning a soul-searching travel adventure to discover yourself and the world, packing light is probably the best strategy.

That said, you don’t want to be caught short either and it’s good to pack a few extras that will enhance your experience.

But if you’re at a loss for these lesser-known must-haves, check out this checklist of five traveller’s essentials for transformative travel.


You can find limitless entertainment and more importantly, limitless learning opportunities online. If the world is your oyster, the world wide web is your digital buffet.

With online resources, you can learn just about anything, from chess to crochet, and with providers like ARU Distance Learning offering degree courses that can be studied entirely online, you can even boost your professional skills and find your calling while on the road.

All you’ll need is your laptop and access to an internet café.


It goes without saying that you’ll want to immortalise your favourite moments from your travel adventure, and what better way than on film?

Admittedly, you don’t want to be travelling with too many valuables on your person. But if a phone camera doesn’t quite cut it, and you want the DSLR experience without the risk, there are many excellent smartphone camera kits available, along with a wealth of editing apps that will get you pretty close to that professional photography experience.



Grab a tome you’ve been promising yourself you’ll get around to for years, and dip into it whenever you find five minutes!

It’s a great way to boost your learning and may even help you discover a new love of reading!

If you don’t feel like carrying a physical volume around with you, never fear – there are plenty of phone or laptop apps that will allow you to read on the go.


Wherever you’re going, it’s important not to forget where you came from.

And when you’re travelling abroad, it’s nice to have a reminder of your home and loved ones to carry around with you.

And to look to the future, why not create a dream board that reflects where you want to be in five years, to inspire you on your way? This doesn’t have to be a physical creation – sites like Pinterest allow you to compile these online for portable inspiration.

Keep adding to it as you travel and watch how your priorities change as your adventures open your eyes!

5. An open mind!


This is by far the most important thing you will need for the travel adventure of your dreams.

Say yes to everything! Don’t let any opportunity pass you by, or give yourself the chance to look back with regret.

Have some self-belief too. Don’t be your own worst enemy – you deserve the time of your life, so go out there and get it!

Travel is a life-changing experience that will unlock secrets about the world around you and teach you more about yourself, so make the most of it, and enjoy!

*Post contributed by peer travel writer, Malika Street*