There are some trips that we could call “mythical” since they are on most traveler lists. Inspirational journeys make us see things differently and will give us stories to tell for many more years. So no matter how many stamps your passport has, there are definitely places and corners in this world that you can still discover.

Live like James Bond in Monaco

This tiny independent state on the shores of the Mediterranean will awaken all your senses. Like another James Bond, you will gamble in the luxury casinos, try the local dishes in the market and walk by the sea admiring the beauty of Monaco on the seafront. If you are planning a trip to Monaco, you should be able to enjoy the view. One option is the Monte Carlo Beach Hotel, designed with Riviera Glam in mind from the 1960s.

Wander around Europe by train

Many have a road trip to Europe at the top of their travel list, from students to retirees. A croissant under the Eiffel Tower in Paris, cycling along the canals of Amsterdam, exploring the castles in Ireland, and tasting the delicious Italian pasta are some of the few life experiences waiting for you around Europe. And of course, the best way to go between countries at a low price and minimal hassle is none other than European trains.

Experience the Dolce Vita in Italy

When it comes to intense romance, no place can approach Italy. You have to discover the history of Rome, the art of Venice, the modern atmosphere of Milan, the dreamy beaches, the Tuscan wines, the pizza of Pisa and much more. The ideal period is in spring or early autumn, so you can enjoy your ice cream without melting from the hot sun. For your own private island – in a floating city – stay at the JW Marriott Venice Resort and Spa. While in Tuscany, drink your wine at Castello di Casole. Hotel Lungarno in Florence just steps away from the medieval Ponte Vecchio.

Get lost in the markets of Morocco

The country of Morocco in North Africa is different, with a rich history and many unique experiences for all the senses. From shopping at local goods and riding a camel at sunset to the Sahara Desert, a trip to Morocco is both ambiguous and tempting. Book a night in the Sahara to experience one of the many camps in the area. While in the city, stay at La Sultana for a rooftop view of the city’s famous pink sunset and a traditional Moroccan spa.

Summer in New York

If you are in New York this summer, you will feel less of a tourist than ever. Visiting New York during this time of year encourages travelers to experience the city as locals do: look for rooftops, swimming pools, experience street food in Brooklyn or take a trip to the Hamptons by car if time allows. Exploring the neighborhoods and settlements of New York with your vehicle is a unique experience. Of course, if you do not have your own vehicle in your possession, you can always turn to the solution of a rental car. Looking for car rental in America, it has become easy using the services of Enjoy Travel, through which you can find a financial offer of the vehicle that will solve the problem of your travels in this vast and colossal city.

Akureyri to see with your own eyes the Northern Lights

Many are looking for it, but few have succeeded. According to testimonials, the best location to have more chances to watch the Northern Lights, you should visit the city of Akureyri in Iceland. It is about 100 km from the Arctic Circle and is the second-largest city in Iceland. The best time, of course, is during the winter months when the chances of experiencing Aurora Borealis are even more significant.

*Post contributed by Katy Nikolaou, travel writer and outdoor enthusiast.*