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As I said, I’m bound for paradise. Where I’m going tomorrow is nothing short of it. Pictured left is Tahiti Beach in the Abacos. Located in the Northern Bahamas, the Abacos are ideal for sailing, snorkeling, beaching, and island hopping (aka pub crawling). With that said, it is no wonder that the Abacos have landed on.

Four Reasons to Visit New Zealand

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Anybody who’s watched the Lord of the Rings blockbuster films will be familiar with New Zealand’s stunning landscapes. With towering alpine ranges, rolling countryside and deserted beaches all packed into an area around the same size as the UK, this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Thanks to the cheap.
A picture speaks louder than words…… There has never been said a more true statement at least to those that have traveled, will travel, or wish to travel AND especially in Paris. As I’m still a photography novice, but with an appreciative eye and determination, I wanted to share the below, recommendations for the camera.