A picture speaks louder than words……

There has never been said a more true statement at least to those that have traveled, will travel, or wish to travel AND especially in Paris.

As I’m still a photography novice, but with an appreciative eye and determination, I wanted to share the below, recommendations for the camera toting traveler by Hostelbookers.

Here’s to enjoying the view, sharing with your friends and family in the now, and cherishing them forever.

Photo opportunities in Paris

From candid snapshots of your gang at a stylish sidewalk cafe to a high-resolution picture-postcard photograph of the Eiffel Tower, Paris has infinite possibilities for both amateurs and professionals to capture stunning images. Shutterbugs delight in finding charming neighborhoods ideal for launching photo safaris. Stalking the perfect picture adds a touch of savoir-faire to your excursions as you learn the art of waiting for the light as well as developing the reflex to reach for your camera when you encounter those once-in-a-lifetime moments that are so special you’ll be glad you preserved them for posterity.

Best for Digital Photos for your Facebook Page

If you want to make your Facebook friends drool, upload some digital shots of yourself eating bonbons from the legendary chocolatier shops like l’Etoile d’Or or the decadent macrons at Pierre Hermé’s Bakery.

Best for Vintage style Portraits

La Promenade Plantee is a defunct overhead railway that has been transformed by talented horticulturists into a living tunnel full of enchanting shades of green interspersed with secluded benches draped by wisteria vines – making it a divine backdrop for portraits. Along the Champs-Elysées, the bizarre statue garden outside of Le Petit Palais is ideal for more dramatic poses and can even lend a comic edge to your self-portraits.

Best for Polaroid photo albums

Still considered the best medium for memory books , those old-fashioned Polaroids are ideal for shooting your gang riding on carousels, posed before the fountains of the Luxembourg Garden or admiring the Arc d’ Triumph.

Best for Professional Challenges

Indoor photos of the exhibits in the Aquarium de Paris can make a professional photographer’s skills obvious to even the most casual observer. The glass pyramid at the Louvre can be used to frame up abstract photos that boggle the mind with bizarre perspectives and reflections.

Best for Eiffel Tower shot

Though visible from many places in Paris, the best place to get that bird’s eye shot of the Eiffel Tower with the city spread out at its feet is from the dome of the Sacre Coeur Bastille church.  For a nighttime ground-level perspective, take a cruise along the Seine in the evening and with your tripod and watch for the perfect moment to capture the lights of the tower against a moonlight night sky.

Best for Idyllic River Seine

Standing on the Pointes des Arts Bridge you can capture view of the Seine that lovers through the ages have savored on romantic evenings. Also, Paris’ newest fad of declaring your undying love by placing a padlock, or Love Lock, on the bridge presents the opportunity for some very cool photos. While standing on the bridge, you’re in a great position to get shots of some famous landmarks, especially Notre Dame. Head out to the Île de la Cité, the river island loaded with old world charm, for some gorgeous reflection shots of the towers and formal gardens in the silky waters and candid shots of the fascinating houseboats that cruise the river.

Best for Weird Architecture

The architecture of Notre Dame is in and of itself quite a feast for a camera, but high atop the soaring buttresses sit the silent gargoyles patiently waiting to be stalked by the intrepid photographer who makes it up to the rooftops. To add dimension and mystery to your gargoyle pictures, consider using the Instagram technique to give your photos that vintage look.

Sunset at the Père Lachaise Cemetery is full of chilling effects as the shadows stretch out from the rows of tombstones dotted with intricately carved mausoleums. The scene changes minute-by- minute as the burnished marble catches the final rays of the setting sun and creates the potential for some spectacularly eerie photos.

**Guest post provided by Lela,  a travel writer for Hostelbookers. Hostelbookers provides Chic and Cheap hotels in Paris