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Four Reasons to Visit New Zealand

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Anybody who’s watched the Lord of the Rings blockbuster films will be familiar with New Zealand’s stunning landscapes. With towering alpine ranges, rolling countryside and deserted beaches all packed into an area around the same size as the UK, this is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Thanks to the cheap.
With an appetite for travel and a thirst for adventure, I’ve landed and explored in Argentina, Morocco, Spain, Chile, and other corners of the world. After recharging my batteries from my last walkabout, the travel itch needs to be scratched. I’m ready to choose a destination from my wanderlust list for my next voyage. The tough part is that.
Where to wander to next? To decide, I took my wonders to paper and then to blog. If all of what I have heard about achieving goals is true; I think that writing a list and solidifying said list on a blog, is an excellent way to set up for success and in this case.