With an appetite for travel and a thirst for adventure, I’ve landed and explored in ArgentinaMoroccoSpainChile, and other corners of the world. After recharging my batteries from my last walkabout, the travel itch needs to be scratched. I’m ready to choose a destination from my wanderlust list for my next voyage. The tough part is that my list is lengthy. Help me decide.

I’ve created a poll that you can assist in tipping the scales for one destination or the other. As is typical, when I am given many options, the decision is that much more difficult; so, I have limited the Wanderlust List to only 5 spectacular locations, thinking that some of my fellow adventureros would be similar with a buffet of destinations.

Here they are:

Machu PicchuBaliGrand CanyonNew ZealandAustralia

Click on the link below to assist in my next trek, dive, kayaking trip, first surf, or virgin burro ride.

Poll: Where should Ms Traveling Pants go for her Next Walkabout?

Here’s to good times and good stories wherever this poll takes me.