Where to wander to next?

To decide, I took my wonders to paper and then to blog. If all of what I have heard about achieving goals is true; I think that writing a list and solidifying said list on a blog, is an excellent way to set up for success and in this case a successful walkabout. Without further adieu, this list, my Wanderlust List,is comprised of world famous beaches, hiking spots, mountains, diving locations, and most certainly scenes for good times and good stories. Today, Part 4 is highlighted in the image.

I showcase a destination that I have yet to hear a bad review; it is no other than New Zealand. From the image, I was awestruck. It reminded me of my walkabout earlier this year in Patagonia, Chile with the mountainous skyline peppered with turquoise blue lakes. New Zealand appears to be a nature lover’s dream. It is looking like a huge temptation for me.

So, have you been to New Zealand?

If so, the sign from the photo “Kiwi Crossing” should be familiar. I had always wondered why New Zealanders are nicknamed Kiwis. After a little research, I found that New Zealanders are named such after the unique flightless bird about the size of a large chicken seen in the sign. Apparently the call of the bird is similar to the English pronunciation of Kiwi (kee-wee). Who knew?

So, where in New Zealand have you explored?

Could New Zealand be the right place for my next walkabout? Please chime in with your stories, advice, to dos, and to don’ts on all and/or any of my Wanderlust List candidates. Could this destination be it? Or will it be one of my past (Peru,BaliGrand Canyon) or future candidates?

Here’s to good times and good stories somewhere, anywhere, or in one of my Wanderlust List destinations!

(BTW, I’ve never watched a rugby match. I hear it’s pretty popular in NZ. Perhaps, this could be my chance to scrum on the pitch!)

**Photos from http://www.kiwiwise.co.nz/

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  1. just came back from a year in NZ and there is no end to the beauty, to the adventure, and to the warm spirit of the kiwis. some of the most friendly and outgoing people in the world. but don’t just visit new zealand, move there. take your time to explore the country from north to south. it’s worth every minute, and every penny. and a trip to NZ wouldn’t be complete without a little hiking, a little camping, and a little life-threatening adventure.