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Always looking for a new adventure and with wanderlust in my veins, last summer, I was approached with an opportunity to tour New Zealand for two weeks this spring. I jumped on it. How could I not want to go to the adventure travel mecca and experience its beauty, genuine Kiwi hospitality, and some of.
In under two weeks, I will be flying across the Pacific pond for my first kiwi experience of both the North and South Islands of magical New Zealand. I want to make the trip focused on active, adventure travel as well as cultural tourism: localvore (eating local), wine and craft bee tasting, and learning about.

Where to travel to next?

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Now, that it’s NOT the end of the world, where to travel to next? Help me choose my 2013 destination by voting for your favorite: Please vote by clicking the poll link. Here’s to more good times and good stories..