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In this second installment of See Beantown Like Nobody’s Business, I would like to share with you a day in Boston starting once again from the Common, but with two options for those of you with a time crunch or just different styles: the Esplanade Park or strolling Newbury Street. The Boston Common is the.
To see Boston in a day or even a long weekend is a tough task.  However, it can be done.  Having just completed a weekend in Beantown, I have a series of tips for those of you wanting to see Boston and the surrounding area called See Beantown Like Nobody’s Business. As the picture above shows,.

Meeting Mr Traveling Pants

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It was in 2000.  I was teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) in Roslindale, Massachusetts at the Boston School of Modern Languages during the day and waiting tables on Newbury Street in Boston at night and on weekends.  I was then only 22. As I had just came back from Spain, I thoroughly enjoyed that at.