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Life’s Too Short to Drink Bad Wine

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I’m a wine lover and well-traveled. I’ve ventured to Mendoza, Argentina (shown above) to sample the best of Malbec, across the pond to Spain to imbibe the lovely Rioja, over to Oporto, Portugal for a good tawny port, and up to the Finger Lakes in New York for world renowned Rieslings. Along with my wine.
With less than four days and counting, I will be venturing off on a walkabout. Yes, I know many of you may be thinking of the Crocodile Dundee films and reciting that famous line……..“That’s not a knife. (pulling out massive knife) NOW, THAT’S a knife.” Putting a twist on the traditional Australian Aborigine journey and.
On my last visit to the Hudson River Valley, I thoroughly enjoyed hiking in the “Gunks.” As a reward for the hikes, I toured the Hudson River Wineries.  Organized in both Ulster and Dutchess counties, the two wine trails are easy to navigate even for those engrossed by the natural beauty of the mountains, apple.