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Adventure lovers… I have a special post for you that combines two of my favorite things: adventure travel and islands. Although I have adventured much throughout the Caribbean, I have not experienced the fabulous islands of Antigua and Barbuda. With inside knowledge of these two luxurious destinations, I enlisted the help of peer travel writer,.
As many around the globe are thinking about heading to a tropical destination for Spring Break, I, too, took a looksy at my favorite playground, the Caribbean. I have done some major adventures in Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, the Abacos, and the Dominican Republic; however, I have yet to discover Antigua or lesser.

Getting Your Groove on in Havana

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Having just returned from my second trip to Havana, I can certainly attest to its beauty from Havana Vieja (pictured in this post) to its 1950’s cars to its culture and people. On each of my travels,  I try to experience a culture through its food while still keeping active by walking the city or.