Europe has been one of the top destinations for solo packers, love birds, families, and friends for a long time. Probably because it has a nice combination of picture-perfect sceneries, gastronomic food trips and nerve-racking adventures. However, if you want to try something new when you visit Europe, why don’t you try out these 5 alternative adventures that will surely add to your memoirs of unforgettable trips and adventures.

1.Kayaking along the Krupa River (Croatia)

Most likely, you haven’t heard about this one-of-a-kind, nerve-racking adventure in Croatia. Croatia is a small country located northwest of the Balkan peninsula. The country houses a lot of Instagram-worthy views that will not disappoint, one of which is the Krupa Canyon. To bask in the view of this magnificent masterpiece, it is highly recommended to try Kayaking along the Krupa River. Usually, the kayaking adventure starts at the Zrmanja River where you would enjoy the crystal-clear water and gushing waterfalls. Then, by the latter part of the ride, you get to paddle down in the Krupa River where you will be welcomed with striking and spectacular sceneries along with the gentle rapids. This is definitely an experience you shouldn’t miss when you visit the beautiful country of Croatia.

2.Hike around Mont Blanc (Italy)

Perhaps you have visited Italy a number of times already, and you think you have already enjoyed everything it has to offer.  Well, if you haven’t hiked around Mont Blanc, then you should better think twice, pack, and visit Italy once more. Mont Blanc is one of the most-like trails in Europe amongst seasoned mountain trekkers and is considered the tallest peak in Western Europe. The whole Mont Blanc massif has 11 summits that will surely ignite your interests. Plus, the Mont Blanc tour offers spectacular views from every angle that will surely leave you breathless. If you plan to trail off the highland by mid-July to mid-August, then you should book a bed in advance because this is the peak season. If you are a walker and enjoy a challenge, this is a must-try experience, you shouldn’t skip out.

3.Cycling in Messolonghi (Greece)

Also known as the Land of Gods and the cradle of Western civilization, Greece has a lot to offer to its tourists. From the high mountains to the pristine blue waters to the lovely lowland, Greece has a plethora of views and sceneries that people will enjoy.  The perfect way to relish the magnificence of the country is by cycling. The country houses diverse terrains and landscapes perfect for cycling. Some of the most dazzling and breath-taking locations to cycle are the Goumenissa-Pella Wine Road, National Park of Messolonghi.

4.Camping in the Dordogne (France)

The Dordogne Valley is one of the most popular destinations if you want to experience the best camping in France. Located in the southwestern part of France, this fertile river valley has a lot of experience in store for you and your family.  There are a lot of campsites in the area where the family could enjoy. For the kids and kids at heart, the Domaine des Mathevies is highly recommended, where they served gastronomic cuisine your family will surely love. However, if regular camping isn’t your thing and you just want to experience it all in a more comfortable environment, you can try the L’Étang de Bazange where they offer a floating cabin or luxurious tents to keep you shelter during the night. There are other camping sites like Châteaux dans les Arbres that offers lavish tree castles, Les Cabanes de Jeanne that has a floating wood cabin, and so much more. Be sure to tick this off from your to-do list in France.

5.Horse Riding in Andalucía (Spain)

Spain is more than just bullfights, Flamenco, music, beaches, etc. They have a lot to offer, no wonder this is one of the top destinations in Europe. The best way to travel around and enjoy this culturally-rich country is through horseback riding. Spain offers a lot of magnificent trails that you get to enjoy while riding a four-legged tame beast. One of which is the Epona Dressage and Trails where you get to experience the countryside life of Spain. Another popular trail you shouldn’t miss is the Andalucía Trails where they offer up to 8 days of trekking experience for you, your friends, and your family.

Europe has a lot of adventures on offer. It is best to try out alternative adventures that you haven’t heard of, such as the aforementioned, that still offer you the same heart-racing and jaw-dropping experience that you get to keep in your treasure box of amazing memories.

*Post contributed by Allie Hanson, travel and lifestyle writer based in Granada, Spain.*