Opa – Here I come!

After living in the Mediterranean during college and follow up travel to many other places in Europe professionally, it is time to visit Greece. For nearly a decade, it has only been first on my bucket list. After surviving a traumatic accident six years ago, I’m going to celebrate Opa style in the Greek Isles.

You betcha, I’ll be getting my Greek on (Yes, that’s Wisconsinite for I’m all in!)! I mean the dancing, whitewashed towns, wine, cheese, olives, and history that is almost unfathomable. Let’s face it while in Greece you need to digest that you are witnessing a place that was the center of modern civilization not hundreds of years ago but thousands.

Although I’m looking forward to the history, I’m really excited for the great food, wine, and relaxing at the coast whether in Santorini (pictured) or Mykonos, sunbathing and spending the afternoon in Little Venice. I’m ready for the unexpected as I have been told that “Etsi einai e zoe,” is a very common saying in Greece. It means “That’s life.” And, isn’t that the case. Whatchya gonna do? I think I’ll drink ouzo or a fabulous Greek wine while watching the world pass by.

As I just launched my second book, I could use a getaway from the intense focus of promotion and events. In my book, With New Eyes, I stress the power of perspective and how by doing something challenging and all consuming, like traveling to a new place/culture/country, is like mediation. Taking in the sites, sounds, tastes, and smells, you forget about the to-do lists, emails, and texts. You are living in the moment.

Although it may seem counter-intuitive to most, I call adventure my meditation. Whatever form of adventure, whether a physical challenge or an emotional one, adventure causes a shift of perspective like other more traditional mediations forms of yoga, gardening, or exercise. Once you return to your home or even your workplace after your chosen form of adventure, you look at your world with new eyes. For this reason, I have chosen a life that includes frequent doses of adventure.

Which destination is on your bucket list? Perhaps it is time to take a mental health vacation to get a needed dose of perspective through an adventure.

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