As an adventurer with many good times as well as good stories of misadventures under my belt, I wanted to share with you five tried and true secrets to happiness for adventurers. The happy campers get all the notoriety, but not any longer. Move on over; it’s time for the Happy Adventurers.

1. Do a dress rehearsal with gear.


I cannot stress enough the dress rehearsal. No theatre group or musician would take the stage without one. Don’t head out on an adventure with new hiking boots, shoes or clothes you haven’t worn, nor a backpack without a dry run. Start to break the gear in on the dress rehearsal or fix glitches before the adventure. This goes for technology as well. Test out the selfie sticks, waterproof cameras, and other gadgets before the trip. It is all about the dress rehearsal.

2. Be OK with Plan B or C.


In a perfect world, albeit boring world, Plan A would go off without a hitch. However, if you are striving for happiness on your adventures, be prepared to be flexible. Get creative. Be OK with change and adapt to a Plan B or even Plan C. Quite honestly, some of my best adventures were from a Plan A that morphed into Plan D, E, and then F. Part of an adventure is just that, facing challenges and evolving to adapt and overcome them.

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