It is funny how many of our senses help us remember past events. Some of mine are connected to a smell like that of blooming lilacs in the Spring or the aroma of my hometown’s brewery (can’t tell I’m from Wisconsin, now can you?).  Our senses also make many present and future experiences happier, more memorable, or just bearable. For example, if you have ever taken a long plane, train, auto, or bus ride you know that music can pass the time, but it also can give you and your travel companions musical memories that come back to life the next time that you hear that particular song in an elevator, taxi cab, or on a mix tape/CD/iPod playlist.

I recently made a couple of mix CDs from my iPod playlists for very good friends (from Boston to Tucson to Minneapolis). I wanted to share with them what has been fueling my adventures, travels, workouts, beach time, and keeping me company in my car, which by the way is constantly keeping the roads HOT. With this idea in mind, I wanted to create a list of songs that highlight either certain travels in my life or places that I that I have lived for longer than just a tourist visit.

Here goes…..Ms Traveling Pants’ Soundtrack of travels

**(Click each link for video or sound bite of each song)

1. Turkish Holiday travels 1997Simarik – Tarkan

2. Cancun/Cozumel Spring Break 1995La Morena – Los Ilegales

3. London 2008American Boy – Estelle and Kanye West

4. Brazilian Holiday travel 2000Nobre Vagabundo – Daniela Mercury

5. Trempealeau, Wi 1995-1999I’ve Got Friends in Low Places – Garth Brooks

6. U-Haul Move from Boston to Fort Lauderdale 2004Smooth – Santana & Rob Thomas

7. Madrid, Spain 1997-1999Corazon partio – Alejandro Sanz

8. Puerto Rico & Milestone Birthday 2006Valio la pena – Marc Anthony

9. Many a Red Sox game at Fenway 1980’s to presentSweet Caroline – Neil Diamond

10. Florida Summer of 2010Use Somebody – Kings of Leon & Good People – Jack Johnson

The rest of list is TBD as my future songs will be in part dictated by where I go, with whom I go, and of course what comes down the musical pipeline.

Please leave your comments as to what is on your Travel Soundtrack. I would love to see if I can add some of yours into my present and future soundtrack.

Remember, every occasion in life can be categorized either as a good time or a good story. AND, many of these good times and good stories have music in the background.

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