This Saturday the 27th marks SIX months since my accident. Because this has been a life altering experience and a SIX month stall on my life, I have decided to make the 27th of each month a special day. I want the day to signify something that will not only help in the current healing process, but something that I can cherish during  my 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

Since the accident was unexpected, out of my home, and a severe trauma, I want to incorporate the themes of the importance of life, health, and nature (such as a tree) without calling it Ms Traveling Pants’ Day (or my birth name Heidi’s Day).

I have brainstormed and asked many friends, writers, family and colleagues.  I have come up with this video montage (seen below) for you to pick your favorite or even add an additional. Please remember I am now 33, but I want to use this for the rest of my fortunate life.


Below is a list of options that people have been giving over the past days, which you will see in the above video.  Please feel free to add as I think we can come up with something creative that I can use now and also later in life when a real bad day or hurdle comes my way and I shout or even toast amongst friends, “——– day!”

What’s your pick for the 27th?

One of the above or

another suggestion?

Examples: Look Up Day, Triumph Day, Knock Out Day, TIMBER Day, Rebirth Day , Ramus de Vigor Day (Latin),  Discovery Day, Madeira Day (Portuguese), Serendipity Day , Unbirthday, Resurrection Day, Carpe diem Day, Renaissance Day, Above Ground Day,Appreciation Day, Miracle Day, Tree of Life Day, Life and Limb Day, Vivere Day (Italian), Life Day, In the Game Day, Ma vie (French), Vida mia or Vidamia (Spanish), Cercare (Italian), Mind lift Day, Alba Day (Italian), Fortuna Day, Tree-umphant Day

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  1. Hi Heidi,

    I’m sorry to hear about your accident and hope you’re doing much better now.

    Sometimes you just gotta say… Hey Day



  2. I have had so much support in names and selection. I believe that in a way the tree taught me more than many years or even decades of life could have. I am leaning towards one of the names to be unveiled possibly this coming 27th.
    Ms Traveling Pants