Nearly two weeks have passed since I returned from my 2011 Walkabout to Chile and Argentina. I have tried to tell my stories numerous times, but none of my storytelling sessions have done the trip or the precious views justice. As I continue to collect my thoughts, stories, and search through my pictures of Torres del Paine National Park, Grey’s Glacier, the Andes, Mendoza’s foothills, river, and vineyards, as well as Buenos Aires’ chique tango dancers, I wanted to give you a glimpse of what has transformed into my signature photo to my friends, family, and followers.  This picture scenario has and will continue to serve as my photo GPS OR a Ms Traveling Pants’ digital self-portrait.

The picture was taken at the lookout of Torres del Paine in Patagonia, Chile. The hike was on the most epic of days with sunny skies and nearly 70 degrees. This was very unlike some days hiking where I experienced 105 kph winds, rain, & sleet. I can attest with conviction that all the rumors are true; you WILL experience all four seasons in one day in Patagonia, but it is so worth it. This vista was the goal of my five days in Patagonia. Reaching the summit was a moment of exhale of success as well as a much needed break. The 22 km hike required a good set of boots and numerous costume changes.  Granted this hike was about 8 hours roundtrip; however, at one point, I was wearing a stocking hat, wool gloves, three layers of pants, and ended at the summit without a coat, one less layer, and occasionally out of the wind without hat nor gloves.

The Torres del Paine frame my boots in the picture above. They are the pilars seen throughout the park as well as the view from my base camp Torres in Spanish means towers and Paine is a native term to signify blue. Throughout my up and coming stories and pictures, you will witness that blue was a reoccurring theme in many of my Patagonian good times and good stories.

With my backpack stowed (only temporarily), my hiking boots and dreams are still alive and kickin’. Traditionally, walkabouts have been known to be transitional trips, but I feel that walkabouts must take a more frequent role. My list of future walkabouts has grown after seeing much of the beauty in Chile and Argentina, but with much left undiscovered.

Here’s to uncovering more beauty and sharing the good times and good stories with you!

To come….. MORE about the three legs of Ms Traveling Pants’ Chilean and Argentinean Walkabout filled with adventure hiking, wine tasting in Mendoza, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, dancing the tango, exploring the culinary Mecca of Buenos Aires, seeing my first glacier, and travel hiccups.

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  1. The photo says it all. Just you and the mountain. Isn’t it amazing what you discover in your soul when you take on a challenge surrounded by such striking beauty?

    Wildly Inspiring! Thanks for sharing.

    1. The Torres del Paine National Park was spectacular! It was amazing waking up and seeing the towers each morning and finally succeeding at reaching the summit/look out on my last day in the park. Thanks for your comment. I have visited your blog. Nice to meet another aventurera!

  2. We’ll be there as part of our South America tour in September. Right around spring? Kinda bummed about getting there off season but hope some of the trails will be hikeable.

    Spectacular pics. Can’t wait to get there and see the scenery ourselves.