It’s hard to believe that 260 posts of good times and good stories have been shared on this very blog. It’s been a whirlwind of both new and familiar places. This year alone, I have added many places, activities, and feathers in my hat.

I have been celebrating all month with post of my favorite travel services, but I would also like to showcase some of my favorite posts of this year.

Travel to Cuba – Why NOW is the Time to Go

Ready, Set, Bungy Jump New Zealand

Dolphins Fooling Around on the Na Pali Coast

The Adventures of Writing a Memoir

Eatly- Culinary Travel to Florence Italy

Australian Walkabout

I look forward to heading on many more adventures in my seventh year. Already on the horizon are Maui, Bali, and Hong Kong. In addition to this blog, I will be writing my sequel to When All Balls Drop, which will share my passion for travel and its how hitting the road sometimes is the best healing for physical, mental, and emotional hiccups.

Please comment on your favorite posts from this year as well as provide tips for Maui, Bali, and Hong Kong. I’m always delighted to hear from fellow adventurers around the globe.

Here’s to more good times and good stories.