What floats Ms Traveling Pants’ boat?

Adventure…..whether skydiving, SCUBA diving, or exploring some of the places I used to call home (Wisconsin, Massachusetts, or Spain) in a new, out of the box way.

Some may say that I am an adrenaline junky, fearless, or more, but I would have to say that I’m not quite any of those classifiers. Certainly, I live life by trying almost anything once, sometimes twice or three times to make sure.  However, I might add that I always continue doing the things that make me happy or best said that float my boat (or kayak).

Speaking of kayaks, I have to admit that one of my good ole standards is kayaking.  I first learned how to kayak through the Wisconsin rivers with my father and childhood friends. Sometimes the rivers winded through pastures (yes, sometimes with bathing cattle), but there would always be a portage to be done or a rapids to encounter. Now having nearly 20+ years of kayaking experience with trips on the Great Lakes, in particular Lake Superior, through the bioluminscent bays in Puerto Rico, along Punta Cana’s pristine beaches, and now in my current playground, which is South Florida, I have taken the plunge.

With a recent gift and a bit of good luck, I am now a proud owner of a set of two, yellow Hobie kayaks to allow me to explore the ocean, intercoastal, and Everglades. As a serial kayak renter, I am now one of those crazy ones loading 16 feet of kayak on a compact car.  However, who said that adventure was easy?

Pictured above is my most recent exploration out of Oleta River State Park in North Miami, Florida pre-purchase. Expect to see me paddling circles around you with the peddle/paddle combo kayak that I have. It will allow for trips to the sandbar using my legs and keeping my hands free for photos or even a better idea exercising my “elbow wrist” with can cooler in hand.  If you have great South Florida kayak spots to share, please comment.

As I always say, “it’s either a good time, good story, or both.” These kayaks will be all of the above.

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