On part three in search for my next walkabout destination, I’m in need of feedback from fellow adventureros. In a series called Wanderlust List, I will present various places, all of which I have never seen. Please help me decide on which one of these locations will be my next voyage.

As a recap,  I featured Part 1 with Machu Picchu and Part 2 with Bali.

Today, I have picked to highlight the Grand Canyon. Honestly, I’m embarrassed to say that as an American, I have yet to see it. I have been close to it on travels to Arizona, Las Vegas, and the like, but I haven’t taken the burro ride, hike, or helicopter flight to witness its beauty and grandeur myself.

So, have you experienced the Grand Canyon?  Share with me your adventures, to dos, to don’ts, and more to help tip the scales in favor of the Grand Canyon for my next journey.

Help me with your comments and feedback.

Here’s to good times and good stories, possibly from the Grand Canyon.

(BTW, If the Grand Canyon is the next destination, I will need to get a new pair of trail shoes and perhaps a personal trainer to get me accustomed to the hike. As you know, Florida has no hills.)

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  1. I like you, and also an american, have never been to the Grand Canyon. It is on my top 10 list of things to do as I would like to hike down and stay overnight in the canyon and then hike out the next day. I have yet,however, to find someone who wishes to do this,who hasn’t already done it. I need to push it up though as I don’t want to try to be doing it too late in life once the body starts to give out. I figure I need to do Machu Picchu and the gran canyon in the next 5 years or so. Just my 2 cents. Hope whatever you decide that it is a great adventure.