You guessed it, I dived!

After nearly 13 years of hanging up my fins, mask, and regulator, I took a giant stride into the Atlantic off Fort Lauderdale beach last week.  Quite appropriately, I decided to rekindle this hobby of my past on a very important day, Look Up Day.  I thought there was no better way to Look UP than from 100 ft below the surface at my first ever wreck dive called the Mercedes.

As background information, my attraction to diving started when I lived in a non-diving type of environment, cold wintry Wisconsin. Despite the unfavorable conditions, nothing was going to stop me from pursuing adventure, not even the temperatures. (Here is a previous post of my cold, quarry dive story for PADI certification in Wisconsin.) So, after the brisk start to diving, I then advanced to Mexico, both on the Pacific coast in Zihautanejo and then to the world renowned walls of Cozumel.

Now in my sixth year living in South Florida, I thought it just plain wrong of me not to take advantage of the warm, clear waters as well as the close reefs and wrecks available (practically in my backyard).  Thus, I dove to the Mercedes which is at 100 ft. However, I didn’t stop there. I continued later in the week to another wreck, the Tracey, which was at 75 ft. Both were challenging dives for me coming out of a SCUBA cocoon, but now I have polished old skills and techniques, got rid of the little bit of nerves, acquired a couple scrapes and bruises, but I am ready for another reef dive later this week with the crew that helped me get my SCUBA chops back, ProDive.

To learn more about Fort Lauderdale diving options and to find other interested divers, check out ProDive’s Facebook page.

And remember Ms Traveling Pants’ motto,

“Every occasion in life can be categorized either as a good time or a good story.”

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  1. I’m surprised it’s taken you this long, since you have a history of diving. (Now me, I wouldn’t be comfortable diving. Snorkeling was a huge step for me!) I should think that would be a great hobby for anyone living in Florida.

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  3. Thanks Jetpacker, Gray, and Andi. I’ll keep you posted. Fort Lauderdale, the Keys, and my recent travels to the Bahamas provide for some EPIC dives, good times, and good stories.