For the last fifteen years, I have used South Florida as a base to explore the Caribbean, in particular, Cuba, and much of South America. However, my base before Florida was New England. Yes, I called Boston home (Beantown) for quite some time. In fact, I still have family and friends in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. That’s why I called in a favor to peer writer and outdoor enthusiast, Frank May, to share his expertise and love of his home state of New Hampshire.

Enjoy this Beginner’s Guide to Nature in New Hampshire!

You haven’t lived until you’ve been to New Hampshire. A beautiful part of New England, you’ll find it difficult to find a location that offers so much when it comes to natural beauty.

A visit to New Hampshire offers you the chance to immerse yourself in nature, making it the perfect getaway for those wanting to explore the great outdoors. Are you ready to feel awed and inspired? Here are some pointers for making the most of nature in New Hampshire.

Explore the White Mountain National Forest

Located in the east of New Hampshire into Maine, the White Mountain National Forest offers some spectacular scenery to enjoy. Here you’ll find everything from lakes and mountains to alpine forests, with plenty of activities to enjoy during your stay. The winter months offer some great opportunities to enjoy skiing and snowboarding, while the milder seasons are ideal for hiking through the forests and taking in the incredible scenery.

Driving with a difference

You can enjoy driving along some epic stretches in most US states, but none offer views quite like those in New Hampshire. New Hampshire’s scenic drives will take you to along mountains and rivers as well as picturesque towns and villages – with some great opportunities for photo stops along the way. Rent a car or travel on your own and simply take your time enjoying the magical landscapes that New Hampshire has to offer. You could even take a bike with you and stop off to cycle different routes along the way – a great activity to enjoy solo or with your family.

Rest and relaxation in beautiful surroundings

When you truly want to get away from it all, nothing beats a luxury hotel in the countryside. Stonehurst Manor is a luxury hotel that offers everything you could need to refresh and enjoy a restful break. While New Hampshire offers plenty of opportunities for camping in the great outdoors, it’s always nice to enjoy some luxury after a long day of exploring. A break in the mountains can be just what you need to truly switch off from it all, so leave the emails behind and turn off your phone and simply enjoy being where you are and not give a second’s thought to things happening back home.

Take it all in with a nature tour

Nature tours are one of the best ways to see New Hampshire, helping you to see all that’s great and good thanks to an expert guide. Moose tours are particularly popular with visitors, and you can also try your hand at dog sledding during the snowier months. Whether you want to learn more about the local wildlife or explore New Hampshire’s amazing landscapes, there’s a tour out there to fulfill your wish.

A New Hampshire vacation is the perfect antidote to city living, a place to really enjoy the great outdoors. You can gain some wonderful memories from your time in New Hampshire for a trip you won’t forget.

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**Post contributed by Frank May an outdoor enthusiast with a writing habit based in New England.**