Although the song is, “California Dreaming,” perhaps after you read this post you should be daydreaming and planning your next adventure to Colorado. Because it has been a few years since my last hiking adventure in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, I wanted to ask a peer writer and adventurer, Owen Williams, to provide some of the highlights of Colorado, including some of its best peaks, parks, and preserves.

Let’s see what you and Colorado have Owen! The floor is yours!

You sit and stare out of the window as the rain trickles down the side of the pane; longing to take an adventure-filled trip to a picturesque and natural destination. It’s time to get together with your wanderlusting buddies and get a plan in order. Whether you’re planning a long road trip or need to pass through to visit family, you should be sure to visit the calm and cool Colorado. Packed with beautiful scenery and breath-taking views, this is the place of your dreams if you love to breathe in the crisp fresh air and stroll through sublime parks. Get your bags packed because you will soon see there is nothing better than this beautiful city.

Picturesque Peaks

Found in Pike National Forest, at nearly fifteen thousand feet in the air, Pikes Peak is one of the most famous mountains in the Southwest. If you head to the closeby town of Colorado Springs you will instantly be able to recognize the snowy peaks of this beauty. You might not know that it is one of the most visited peaks in the world, only just behind the infamous Mount Fuji. If you’re taking a lengthy cross-country trip consider staying in Baymont Inn & Suites Limon and then taking a drive up the highway to experience the awe-inspiring views from the very top. You can also take a journey on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway if you don’t fancy the drive. Once you reach the top there are a plethora of activities you can partake in from hiking trails, fishing and simply photographing the beautiful views.

Perfect Parks

Rocky Mountain National Park is undoubtedly one of the most popular parks in the US. If you’re a nature lover and wildlife fanatic you will be taken aback by the leafy forests and animals which inhabit this perfect park. You will be able to see the highest peak in the park which is called Long Peak, reaching over fourteen thousand feet.

There is an abundance of activities to suit every person in Rocky Mountain National Park. Some of these include camping, wildlife spotting, horseback riding, and hiking, which seems to be the most popular activity of all the visitors. If you’re lucky enough to experience the park in the winter time, there are opportunities for cross-country skiing and snowy hikes led by expert rangers.

Pretty Preserves

You can’t take a trip to Colorado without experiencing the famous, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve. It is home to a uniquely diverse landscape which many visitors do not know exists. The Star Dune stands at a surprising seven hundred and fifty feet high, which is pretty tall if you’re thinking about tackling a climb. There are also several hiking trails which run through neighbouring forests and the Medano Creek is an ideal place to take a cool dip after a long day of walking.

From wildlife watching to hot hiking, you’re sure to find the activity for you in Colorado. Don’t forget to take a look at preserves dinosaur tracks too along the famous ‘dinosaur highway.’ Colorado will hold a special place in your heart forever once you’ve taken its jaw-dropping scenery. Pack your bags and explore as soon as you can!

**Post contributed by Owen Williams, outdoor travel lover and writer.**