As my nickname implies, I travel a lot. Many of my friends have lost track of me. They use Facebook and my GPS shots in order to figure out where in the world I am. Although I typically fly, I have been wanting to do a road trip. I have yet to do a full, cross-country trip. Maybe it is about time. With that in mind I asked my peer travel writer and wanderluster, Alex Jones, to chime in on tips for a fantastic road trip.

The open road is yours. Take it away Alex.

I confess, I’m addicted to travelling across the globe. I think it’s actually reached the point where I’m not happy if I’m in one place for over a week! That said, I think there’s a great opportunity that you’re missing if you constantly decide to go abroad on your travels. That is the all american, complete classical road trip. I love packing a bag, putting it in the trunk and hitting the open road on occasion just to see where it will take me. If you’re thinking about taking on this type of adventure here’s my advice to you.


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Don’t Bother With A Sat Nav

I know, sacrilege! Driving without a sat nav in this day and age? You must be mad. Just wait until I tell you to leave the map on the coffee table. If you know where you’re going you’ll never discover what you didn’t know you wanted to find. Still with me? Look at this road trip as an exciting opportunity to get lost and find yourself again. You could go anywhere and without the helpful hints of a computer you’ll probably end up somewhere you never dreamed about going. It could be a great experience or the worst vacation of your life. But you’ll never know unless you give it a try. I challenge you do this and find as many different new places as you can. It doesn’t matter if that place is a mile away from your home or halfway across the country.

Taking The Long Haul?

Are you planning on going for an epic drive? I don’t just mean spending a weekend out on the road. I’m talking about spending up to a year travelling. If you have a blog like mine, you might have the money to pay for this type of adventure. I’ve got a suggestion on how to do it. You should think about purchasing a travel trailer. These can be hooked up to the back of your car and are the perfect living area for a long adventure. This way you won’t be spending a fortune on hotels or roughing it in the wilderness. Instead, you’ll have found the perfect happy homely in between. You’ll be pleased to know these trailers are affordable and you can find more information out about them online.

Be Sure To Get A Cam

After all, what’s an adventure without some treasured memories? You’ll notice I love adding pictures to my blog. I have a personal favorite and that’s climbing up this rock wall in Greece. If you want to take these kind of shots, you’ll need your own trusty cam. But I wouldn’t recommend spending too much and do buy a model that’s quite portable. After all you will be travelling all over the place with it.

Get Your Car Ready

My final tip? Make sure the vehicle you’re driving is ready for the road. Get it checked by a professional and then stock it up with supplies. You can store most things in your trailer. But I imagine you’ll want a few sweets, drinks and bars of chocolate in the glove box. It’s going to be a long ride but you’re going to love every moment. I guarantee you of that.


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 **This post has been contributed by Alex Jones.