Last month, I checked another bucket list destination off my list with a cruise through the Greek Isles. Although I only scratched the surface of the unique beauty of Greece, I didn’t forget to itch another scratch, a dose of adventure. I always make a point to inject a little adventure into my life and especially while traveling. I believe it allows for you to tap into a different way of seeing things or with new eyes. Having bungee jumped in New Zealand and jumped out of two perfectly good airplanes in Miami, I knew on this particular trip the ship had a rock climbing wall. I had found my next challenging adventure. This time in Greece.

Watching others attempt the rock wall climb equipped with harnesses, helmets, and climbing shoes, I thought it would be rather easy. Although it was two hundred feet above sea level and thirty feet high, I was confident in my strength and mental control. I was up for the challenge. With a coach holding the ropes of the harness, I approached the wall all geared up. Following his voice prompts to stay on the yellow course, I didn’t look back.

1st Try Up the Rock Wall Calculating Each Handhold and Foot Placement

Harder than I thought…

As you can see from my pictures, it wasn’t as easy as I had first thought. The yellow course was OK at the bottom, but extremely difficult for someone like me, short legs and arms, towards the top. When I approached the last few yards with the end in sight, the wall just suddenly jetted straight out. I stopped in my tracks with my arms and hands trying to give out. I needed to rest, both physically and mentally. The coach lowered me to the deck. I wasn’t going to quit, but learn from the first climbing hiccup. The coach and I agreed that I needed to use more leg strength and push on.

2nd Try at Scaling the Rock Wall – Recharged & with More Chalk

Second try…

After allowing my hands to rest and reapplying chalk, I hit the wall again with only a slight stall at the same place, talking myself through the fear of falling and pushing on ahead. When I had only one last hold to grab, I just went for it, not knowing if I would be successful or not. With a little luck, I grabbed hold and was able to reach and triumphantly ring the bell.

Sweet Success – Just Let Go and Enjoy the Ride

Sweet success

Hearing the bell, I just let go allowing the ropes and coach lower me down to the deck. With adrenaline pumping through my body, I was standing tall, but shaking. I had did it. However, I was in complete awe of those that can do it much faster and with tremendously skill and agility.

Adventure is My Meditation

I walked away from the rock wall taller, excited, and with new eyes. It was just another example of why I say in my book, With New Eyes, that, “Adventure is my meditation.” While I was so focused on not falling, I couldn’t let my mind wander to to do lists or other. That one-track mindset and being mindful allows for a perspective shift. Now adventure doesn’t always have to be something physical, it can be something as simple as renting a car in an unfamiliar city. When you rent a car and try to find your destination, you are focused. So focused that you can’t listen to the radio or talk on the phone.

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My next adventure will be a return trip to New Zealand and Australia next month, but just as my bucket list continues to grow so does my list of adventures I would like to try.

What’s your next adventure?

Here’s to more good times and good stories!