Ahoy, mateys!

Aye, it is true Ms Traveling Pants has learned to speak Pirate. All that was needed was a visit to the Bounty in Palm Beach, Florida this past weekend with a bunch of memateys! Our crew of Captain Jack Sparrow (as you see below) as well as other pirates led meever-curious landlubbers aboard the Bounty, which is probably best known for its usage in not only Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man’s Chest, but also the classic Brando film, Mutiny on the Bounty.

So let’s cut to the chase. Let me mate, Cap’n Jack Sparrow, and I give you a lesson in how to talk like a pirate starting with a short list of commonly used terms….

Ahoy – a greeting; “Hello”

Arrr – a word that can mean many things, from “yes,” to “maybe,” to “I’ll think about it,” “I don’t know,” “That was good,” “That was bad,” or “That hurts”

Aye – Yes or okay.

Aye Aye – I’ll do that right away, or “Yes, I understand”

Booty – Loot, treasure, spices, jewels, or anything taken illegally.

Grog- generically any alcoholic drink, but most likely rum

Jolly Roger – a pirate flag usually showing white skull and crossbones on a black background.

Lad, lass, lassie – a way to address someone younger than you.

Landlubber- Land lover,  someone not used to life on a ship.

Lily-livered– faint o’ heart

Matey – a friend and/or shipmate

Me– my and/or mine

Mutiny – a revolt against authority

Plunder –  robbing or raiding.

Scallywag – a bad person; scoundrel.

Shiver Me Timbers– an exclamation of surprise, shock, and many times of fear

Sprogs – untrained recruits

Thar– the opposite of “here”

Walk the plank– no need to define this one… it’s bloody obvious.

Wench– a “lady” (typically a working girl a.k.a. a pirate’s barmaid or hooker)

Yo-ho-ho– pirate laughter

Watch out you scallywags! The Bounty has turned Ms Traveling Pants into a multi-lingual, grog drinking, sailor in search of treasure. Don’t mess with me or me mateys otherwise I will force you to walk the plank.

With or without the Pirate speak, you know I am always up for either a good time or to turn some NOT so good times into good stories.   So pass the grog or some rum, and let’s yo-ho-ho together on more of me and me mateys’ stories.

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  1. Love it. Did you know there’s a pirate language converter? I put my comment in there so I could post it in Pirate! aarrr! This is what it came up with.

    Hey Miss Travellin’ britches, Ye`ve got t’ come t’ Nova Scotia next. We`ve got lots o’ swashbucklers an’ legends o’ booty around here. Be havin’ ye ereheard o’ th’ mysteries o’ Oak Isle, arrr? Thar be still swabbies in search o’ that booty. Great post! I love th’ swashbuckler language. Me mom still calls me a scallywag when she`s mad.

    Here’s a link to the folks looking for that treasure. http://www.oakislandtreasure.co.uk Interesting stuff. Must go send your Miami post to my friend who is traveling to Miami next week.

    All the best on your next adventure!


  2. Heya! I’d like to mention that I enjoy your posting way and that so I am going to follow your blog on a regular basis from now 😉 Keep writing!