As the tourist season is coming to an end in South Florida, there is a notable difference on my drive to work as well as at the beach.  Typically known as the end of “the season” by those in “the Biz,” yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Now, without the “Snowbirds” or “Spring Break Vacationers,” the beaches and roads have been taken back by the locals. And even better, so have the restaurants and bars.  It is back to the locals only.

I think almost every tourist destination has to find a balance between embracing tourists and then the resentment of tourists.  Some never get this equilibrium as seen on this Hudson Valley truck.

As an avid traveler, I have been witness to a large amount of tourists that want to do and eat the same as they do in their hometown without experiencing the local culture. Firsthand, I have even been a victim of being invited to eat at McDonald’s in Paris. I decided to have a beer; at least that was a non-American way to enjoy McDonald’s. But, travelers like those alluded to are often those that bring a bad name to tourists.

Enough said…..those of us still in South Florida, we are about to enter the time that parking at the infamous Fort Lauderdale beach is doable; there may be a table for lunch at Aruba in Lauderdale-by-the-sea, or that one can get an Intercoastal view at Le Tub in Hollywood to enjoy the big, juicy burgers without showing up a couple of minutes before noon.

Tell me about your favorite, “out of season” experience in Fort Lauderdale or your tourist Mecca.

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  1. I grew up in a tourist beach town. As teenagers we used to hate when the tourists “invaded” our beaches and used to yell “Tourists go home.” So embarrassed about that now, but still understand the ambivalence.