Having taken the plunge before, this May to celebrate a good friend’s  and fellow adventurera’s birthday, I along with 3 others jumped. It was a beautiful day over Miami’s coastline with calm breezes, sunshine, and wispy clouds. Two by two, we ascended in the rather small sardine can plane.  Then, strapped to our lifesaver (aka professional jumper), we scooted closer to the edge. With no turning back, we let the plane’s speed suck us out to race through the skies to a graceful, yet playful parachute descent to solid ground.

Here’s to living life and looking up!


Stay tuned for more good times and good stories. This summer, I’m heading to Juneau, Alaska. Follow and like me @MsTravelingPant and Facebook.

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  1. Holy Smokes are you ever cool! I would love to dkydive Miami! Dont they have something like the most skyscrapers in Florida or something?