Who can go wrong with warm, gentle beaches with lots of entertainment for young and those young at heart? Certainly, that person it not you, nor the A-list celebrities. Having lived in South Florida for eight years, I have to say it is a wonderful place to hang your hat with frequent run-ins with the rich, famous, and even those trying to look the part. If you are considering a trip with opportunities to do some intense people watching and play paparazzi, check out the insights in the below post by Cosmos Holidays.

Florida, the Sunshine State, is home to sun, sea, and beautiful sandy beaches. It’s a top holiday destination with year-round great weather, which means no matter when you choose to visit, you’re guaranteed a great trip!

As a result of the glorious beaches, fabulous spas, and the lure of some of the best theme parks and waterparks in the world, Florida is also a top holiday spot for everyone, including celebrities. It’s hard not to open a glossy magazine without seeing photos of bikini-clad celebrities sunning themselves on an exotic beach or sipping cocktails by a beautiful turquoise pool. Many celebrities have also chosen to make Florida their home, so you never know, you could end up sharing your beach holiday with the A-listers!

Miami Beach is not just about the gorgeous sun, white sandy beaches, and amazing ocean. It’s home to some incredible architecture and plays host to Art Basel Miami Beach, the largest contemporary art show in the Americas. Miami also boasts some luxurious spas if you fancy pampering yourself, and you never know who else might be relaxing at the spas in Miami, as Miami Beach is home to several celebrities. Matt Damon, Beyonce, and husband Jay-z are just a few who have chosen to have a home in Miami Beach.

Miami is home to some fabulous shops if you fancy a bit of retail therapy. In fact, even the Kardashians have tried their hand at a retail business by opening a shop called ‘Dash’ in Miami! Additionally, for all sports fans, Miami is home to the Miami Heat. If you get the chance to go to a game when you’re in Florida, you’ll find yourself getting swept up in the exciting atmosphere of the game. (The Heat have been white hot this season. Already in the play-offs, it should be a good rest of 2012 for them.)

The sheer number of theme parks, water parks, and attractions in Florida, particularly in Orlando, home to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Studios means that it is a great place for a family holiday. Orlando is a fabulous for the family; it’s a perfect way to create new memories together. This was demonstrated with popular television show, Modern Family, which recently filmed an episode at Disney World; although hopefully when you choose to visit Orlando, your trip won’t be quite as disastrous! In fact, Jason Bateman had a similar idea of a lovely family trip when he took his daughter to Disneyworld in March.

Cosmos Florida holidays are becoming even more popular. Whether you want to spend your Florida holiday riding rollercoasters or relaxing on the golden sandy beaches, as soon as you arrive you’ll easily be able to see why so many celebrities choose to visit, and why so many choose to stay !

***Guest post provided by Sam Baker, travel writer for  Cosmos holidays, a British tour company with over 50 years of success in 65 destinations worldwide.


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  1. It’s not hard to keep up in Florida with the A listers if you know how to travel and by the looks of it-you do. I have spent a many of nights on vacation in Florida, South, North, East, and West and I have to say though Miami is a hot spot-the north east is my favorite. Quiet, quaint, and small town, just not as busy. Palm Bay was just there and as I have gotten old, it suited every need. I stayed at the Palm Bay Hotel (www.palmbay-hotel.com) and with their exceptional rates, I had a great time.