Over the past year, I have accomplished many firsts.

Learning to fly a helicopter


Flying a plane

Jumping out of a perfectly good plane – Skydiving

And, as the title suggests,

I did them all MY WAY.


With the list continuing to grow, I have added yet another virgin ride. Β To appease many of my worry warts, I stayed put on the ground. In fact, I even remained on two wheels, but as you can see from the post’s image that I had to push the limits a bit; “Look Ma no hands!”

After hearing stories and positive feedback from my circle of adventurous types, I navigated my way from Fort Lauderdale to Palm Beach to ride the famous Segways that I have been dodging for years throughout my “by foot” travels. Finally, I tested the tourist toy that has taken the world by storm, the Segway.

The tour was led by Palm Beach Segway Tours. Our ride started on Clematis Street with the route winding through the downtown to over the Intercoastal waterway into wealthy Palm Beach, along homes owned by Jimmy Buffet, Henry Flagler, and numerous “other halfers.”

I have to say I’m a natural at maneuvering most types of vehicles, but this was a little tricky. My pilates classes and paddleboarding came in handy as a Segway requires balance. One drives the Segway by pointing and flexing one’s feet. Then the steering of the vehicle is owned by your hands. I have to say after having driven planes, choppers, boats, cars from Honda to Lamborghini, this mode was difficult to gage the width of the vehicle because it’s a human size, but wider than you expect to turn corners and more.

We did have the opportunity to not only go without hands, but do some stunts. As I was a novice and my PIC was a veteran on Segways and not afraid of heights because he is a pilot, we attempted going down stairs. I was reluctant, but as in most other cases, I was motivated by competition. With a little coaching, I was able to conquer a 4 step staircase onto the boardwalk.

I would like to note that although you don’t need to physically push the Segway or peddle it, it is demanding. The following day, I was tired. Also, during the ride, my feet went asleep. It requires a good center of balance, directional skills, and perhaps a part of you that wants to let go.

With that said, I entitled the post “I Did it My Way – Touring Palm Beach via Segway.” I wanted to reiterate that I believe that every occasion in life may be a good time or a good story, which is exactly what “My Way” communicates with the pluses, minuses, and bonuses that we reach in all of our lives. This Segway ride was yet another way for me to test the waters and live in the moment. So, get on one and experience the tingling, almost asleep foot and unbalanced sensation yourself.

Please keep me posted on you adventures either Segway or otherwise. I close this post with a little of “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. Here’s to good times and good stories!


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  1. Whoohoo! Glad you had a good time on a segway! Sometimes they get a bad rep, but I think they’re pretty fun. Fun post. πŸ™‚ Oh yes, and congrats on going down 4 steps in a segway!

    – Kristina

  2. That segway ride looks dangerous. Reminds me of a scooter only it’s manual and not battery operated. I’m kinda jealous that you’ve already flown a helicopter and plane. Looks like you had the time of your life.