About a year ago, I learned that I may not have nine lives, but at least two; so, I better live this one to the fullest. In celebration of my 2nd chance on life, learnings of my past year of recovery, and  many of life’s hurdles, I decided I should try the ultimate high and adventure, SKYDIVING.(Yes, I am well aware that it is a risk, However, I have come to believe that life without risk isn’t life.)

How did this CRAZY idea get into my head?? My PIC (Partner In Crime) was one of the people that instigated this adventure over 2 years ago. At that time, I refused to do such a feat. However, after this life changing year, I reconsidered the offer while with two other friends over a tequila shot.  Even though, the tequila may have triggered the idea for my friends to suggest this CRAZY idea to me, it stuck and I rekindled the adventure with my PIC.

So, indeed this past Sunday, my PIC and I planned our “HERE’S TO LOOKING UP” adventure at SkyDive Miami.  The night before, morning of, and car ride to the airstrip were filled with nerves, but as soon as I was suited up, I was cool as a cucumber.  So, in a blue jumpsuit, I boarded the plane with another dozen jumpers packed liked sardines.  The ascent took nearly as long as the jump.  The experienced jumped out of a plane prior to my PIC or I.  This was when the reality check set in, but close to fearless I crawled with my tandem skydive instructor to the door.  With my arms crossed, eyes wide open, and all my trust invested in the man strapped to my back, I let go and jumped from a height of 13,500 feet. The free fall was 60 seconds of sheer speed, weightlessness, spinning, and screaming of enjoyment. Seriously, the best part of the experience was the complete loss of control and feeling the adrenaline bubbling in my veins.

After the parachute was opened, we glided for a tour of Miami, Homestead, and the Everglades. It was rather relaxing. In fact, I was talking shop with my instructor. He commented that I was one of the most calm jumpers he has witnessed. To kill my curiosity, I asked what he was like on his first jump 23 years before; he said, “I was a lot more nervous than you are. You are an adventurous one.” And boy was he right. I landed and felt just awesome. What a THRILL!!

View the video of the ultimate high by clicking on the video below


Will I jump again? Absolutely. I’m not getting ready to take a course to solo jump, but I am ready to jump for celebrating other special events AND most definitely I would like to jump in other picturesque places like Northern Spain, Alps, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and the like.

So as I close another post, I must say that this adventure was a good time and of course a good story. Here’s to LOOKING UP!

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  1. Congrats Heidi!!! I have been looking forward to skydiving for many years but somehow never made my way yo the dropzone. Last month my 64 y/o dad jumped for the first time with my sister (she’s jumped 5x & her fiancée who has over 500 jumps).

    I am looking forward to jumping when I visit her in NC next month.