Despite some of my unfortunate happenings this fall, one of my fortunate experiences is to witness the color change first hand in New England.  Each year from September to early November, Mother Nature creates an inspiring spectacle of reds, organcs, and yellows as she prepares to tuck us in for the winter. Her colors take me back to my childhood in the Midwest with memories of jumping in piles of raked leaves, hayrides, and the aroma of baked apple pies filling the house.

As an experience like this is better shared, enjoy the fall colors of my video and remember this quote:

“Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn.”Elizabeth Lawrence


For my  fellow “leaf peepers,” please share your fall color change hot spots around the world and your fall activities by adding a comment.

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    1. Autumn certainly is one of my favorites. Not only it is wonderful for harvesting apples, baking, and witnessing the color change, but also, the holidays are very fun starting with Halloween, then onto Thanksgiving. In fact, my birthday also is in autumn. It is always either just before or after Thanksgiving; so, I am typically surrounded by lots of friends and family for my day.