You can take the girl out of Wisconsin but you CANNOT take the Wisconsin out of the girl.

With that said, I must admit I have a very abnormal affinity for something Wisconsin is famous for, CHEESE. Okay, maybe it would be better said that I have a minor cheese addiction. That’s right! I love cheese in all shapes, sizes, and flavors.

As a continuation from my last post on Gettting back to my roots, I wanted  to add a post on one of my favorite cheese snacks that are common in Wisconsin, but not so common to come across elsewhere….CHEESE CURDS.

My grandfather, a cheesemaker in Mindoro, Wisconsin, would be proud that I hold the cheese curd to such a high pedestal.  Many are not familiar with cheese curds, which are bite size morsels of cheese, typically yellow or orange like American cheddar.  They have been separated from the liquid whey, but have not been formed into the large rectangular blocks nor aged like what most associate with cheddar cheese. The flavor is mild, but they have a very squeaky, rubbery texture. I’m not sure if that would typically be a good texture for an edible item, but for cheese curds, it’s a sign of good curd.

Now, my favorite way to eat cheese curds is actually fried. Yes, you guessed it, frying just about anything makes it better and so it goes with cheese curds too.  The squeaky mild curds turn into a melty, stringy cheese explosion. One can eat cheese curds plain once fried, but the tried and true still dip them in Wisconsin salsa (aka ketchup). I’ll be visiting my dairy state roots and saluting to my genetic cheesemaker background by ordering a plate full of cheese curds with a bottle of ketchup.

I will share, but you better be fast. And, might I add that no plate of cheese curds would be complete without a chaser of local beer. My favorites come from Heileman’s, but that doesn’t’ rule out some of the others like Spotted Cow, Leinenkugels, etc.

Please share your cheese stories and other cheesehead fun facts with the Ms Traveling Pants’ (aka Miss Fish) audience with your comments.

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  1. I love deep fried cheese curds. I live in Minnesota and they have those every year at the state fair. When I go, it is one of the first things I get.