With only a day remaining until those of us in Florida enter into a new hurricane season from June 1st through the 30th of November, many are preparing by buying batteries, bottled water, canned soups, generators, extension cords, and the like.

It is with the start of this Hurricane season that I remember my first summer in Florida 2004. It was no more that one month into our lease at a new apartment and with a new car (without garage) that the trilogy of hurricanes came through Broward county and gave us a quick, crash course into Hurricane preparedness. For those that don’t remember, it was the year of Frances, Jeanne, and Ivan. Notice that the storms go alphabetically alternating gender of name (Check out this year’s names here).

We filled the bathtubs with water, duct taped the sliding glass doors and windows, turned the dining room table on its side to sleep behind, filled up all the Tupperware with water and froze, and filled the radio with plenty of batteries.

For those of you that have not experienced a Hurricane, they are something unbelievable. They are so powerful, unpredictable, and well scary. The whistle of the wind at 100 mph or more makes the foundation of your apartment or house crackle never knowing when it will be over. Then as a cruel joke, after a series of hours you have a small rest and the of eye of the storm passes over making everything seemingly calm. Then, it hits you again for a second reprise of the wild winds, sheets of rain, and offshoot storms.

So I am crossing my fingers for the next few months. Please spare us for yet another hurricane season. However, I will be getting ready. My trip to the store this week will include some of my hurricane favorites: Boboli pizza crusts, peanut butter, couscous, canned veggies, assorted crackers, little cocktail wienies, and nuts. (Notice that I didn’t say cheese; although, it is a Ms Traveling Pants staple. It isn’t the best when without electricity.)

BTW, I don’t know if you noticed that I mentioned that we had no garage during the Frances, Jeanne, and Ivan scare. Somehow, our one week new Silver Honda Accord was safely parked between a SUV and truck. A large tree fell onto the two of them. We were spared.

Good luck to us all.

Do you have any hurricane recipes or survival tips?

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