Coming to you from Juneau, Alaska, now in my fourth “summer” month, I say NO! I’m certainly not a fair weather traveler. However, I would be beg to differ on the word “summer” in describing Alaska’s weather. You must remember that I have been tainted by South Florida’s seasons (aka only one season-really balmy). But, that’s part of what makes travel so interesting. There are always hiccups, whether transportation, difference of languages and translation, foods, getting lost or misunderstood, and unexpected weather, good or bad. I guess my best recommendation to all travelers and adventure seekers is to be prepared for the weather conditions, good or bad and take advantage of them.

Many say, “Climate is what you expect…weather is what you get?” I think this is perfect.  Just because it is the summer in Nerja, Spain (picture right), you will probably experience beautiful summer days drinking sangria and eating paella beachside, but the Mediterranean may still be chilly to someone used to the Caribbean. Likewise, just because it is summer in Patagonia and warm to those in Chile, there is a reason that the vineyards do so well there. Yes, it is a good climate for them AND quite chilly at night. Hace frío mis amigos!

So, be prepared. Read in advance for the climate. Pack for the climate and the weather. If traveling to Nerja, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, or another of your favorite Spanish destinations, please read up on the climate and be prepared for the Spanish weather.

I think that my saying to live by blends quite well with this topic, “Here’s to more good times and good stories.” (We all know some of the best stories are with many twists, turns, and hiccups.)

**This post was sponsored by, a source specializing in Spanish weather from Galicia in the North to Andalucía and the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean.

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  1. What a great thought.. “Climate is what you expect…weather is what you get.” It’s actually a saying I’ve never heard before. You make a good point though — something I learned the hard way when packing for my South America trip! I fortunately packed for both climate and weather, but was definitely much more focused on the climate before I arrived!