Do you like to take a trip every couple of months? You don’t save up all of your vacation time for only summer months or around the holidays. Well, in spite of when you have your R&R time, you can find the perfect adventure in France. Having been in France twice professionally and twice personally, I can attest there is more than summers on the Med or fall along the Seine and the Louvre. I have asked my peer travel writer and France enthusiast, Mark Cross, to write tips about traveling to France in all seasons.

Viola Mark. Take it away!

There are some countries that you can only visit at a certain time of year to make the most of their attractions. France is not one of them. The true beauty of France is that it is a place for all seasons. That means you could visit at any time of the year and enjoy everything this glorious country and its regions have to offer. Why wait? Whatever the season, France has something for you.

Winter time treats.

What better city in the world could you enjoy in winter other than Paris? For a start, you won’t get the heat bothering you or even the crowds as you sample everything the infamous city of lovers has to offer. From the Sacre Coeur to the Eiffel Tower, Paris has the most recognisable skyline anywhere in the world. It is a city imbued with passion, atmosphere and history. (see lead photo, image source)

Paris was home to the greatest artists of all time. It is a city synonymous with The Moulin Rouge and the posters and prints produced by Toulouse-Lautrec. Picasso lived and worked here for many years. The Irish playwright Samuel Beckett made his home here. It is a city of chic and style. The shopping is legendary, and the Museums host the most famous Art in the world. What more fitting tribute to elegance and gentile design is there in the world than the Palace at Versailles?

Spring picks

As the apple blossoms lead us into spring, where better to watch the season arrive than in the Celtic region of Brittany? Infinite varieties of apples and pears abound in the region. Enjoy sipping on Calvados and eating traditional crepes. Brittany has many soft, safe and sandy beaches and beautiful rolling countryside. Stay in the seaside town of St Quimper and explore the regions from there. Why not hire a Gite? A log fire will be just the thing to keep you cosy on cooler nights


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Summer in St Tropez

Where else would you spend the summer? This combination of chic, jet set and movie star paradise has attacked the glitterati for decades and with good reason. The views are stunning, the lifestyle is Mediterranean, and the climate is just fantastic. From the street markets to the delights of the promenades and beaches this is all about seeing and been seen. A St Tropez summer wouldn’t be complete without a stay in a luxury villa. Imagine your own infinity pool and relaxing on your patio, before planning your trip into town. Eat at some of the world’s famous restaurants or simply enjoy the warm nights with the nightlife and bars.


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Has to be the time to take in the majesty of Provence. With the summer heat abated you’ll still find the days long and the night’s warm. The lavender may have been harvested, but you’ll have all the more time to explore the region and its historic walled towns and bridges. Life here is quieter and more content, and with the summer crowds dispersed you’ll have the place to yourself.



The Dordogne with its valleys, rivers and castle might be another Autumn delight. The grapes will be harvested, and could there be a better place to sample both wine and cheese? But the truth is life in France’s regions offers something for every season. And no matter what time of year you do it, it will be waiting for you with open arms.

**Post provided by peer travel writer and France enthusiast, Mark Cross.