My favorite souvenirs from travels are those that I can eat, drink, and share with my family and friends for years to come. Over my past adventures, I have brought back drink recipes from Peru (pisco sour), side dishes from Brazil (salpicao), Cuban-style dirty rice (moros y cristianos), and my all time favorite, the tortilla española, from Spain, the land of jamón serrano, manchego, and Rioja Previously, I shared my tortilla española recipe in a post, but now I wanted to give it an aloha twist, now calling Kauai my home.

The Tortilla Kauaiana is my take on the Spanish comfort food, using some Kauai ingredients that one can find at the Sunshine Markets around the Garden Isle. The Tortilla Kauaiana is equal to the Spanish version with one change, swapping the potatoes for local, purple sweet potatoes.   With this small amendment, I would suggest a little more pizazz by adding more garlic, more salt, and rosemary. Because the sweet potatoes are a little more starchy, I would recommend additional eggs as well. Lastly, to show true aloha hospitable spirit (as seen in the beginning image), buy a fresh pineapple to garnish. It truly makes the dish.

Prep Time: 10 minutes


How to in 25 minutes:

The Tortilla Kauaiana pairs well with both Kauai local beer like a Lihue Lager from Kauai Beer Company or a Mai Tai.  Enjoy this aloha twist on my favorite souvenir!

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Here’s to more good times and good stories. Aloha!