Up until a little over a year ago, I had not yet had the opportunity to taste one of South America’s most delectable, famous, and potent cocktails, the Pisco Sour. With the help of a wonderful crew of Peruvian friends, I was able to take a crash course on Pisco, which is a clear to amber grape brandy typical of both Peru and Chile. During this Pisco 101 course,  my friends served me an honorary glass of Pisco Sour in preparation for my South American Walkabout through Patagonia.

During my trip, Pisco Sours made various appearances. No place was too remote for Pisco. I was served “Happy Sour”  (Happy Hour with Pisco Sours) after hiking Torres del Paine and even aboard a boat beside Grey’s Glacier (seen below with ice from glacier).

Priding myself on being a pretty good cook as well as mixologist,  I have to admit that I never learned how to concoct a Pisco Sour. Just weeks ago, at a Peruvian birthday party, my friend’s aunt and uncle (tios) guided me through the process. Through my private lesson, I sampled many Pisco Sours; however, I made sure to document the recipe (receta) for a pitcher of Pisco Sours.

Pisco Sour Recipe

4 cups of ice (4 tazas de hielo)

2 cups of Pisco (2 cups of Pisco)

2 cups of lime juice (2 tazas de lima)

2 egg whites (2 claras)

Combine all the ingredients in blender

Blend until smooth

Add sugar to taste, spoon by spoon

Serve in a wine glass or short rocks glass

Most of the ingredients for a Pisco Sour are common in any Latin home. In South Florida or la Puerta de Sur America, Pisco is very easy to find. You may have Chilean and Peruvian brands to choose from. If you have many brands to pick from, acholado is the best. And, if you are bringing Pisco to either a Peruvian or Chilean home, please bring the appropriate country’s version. If you don’t the older relatives are sure to comment.

Have you learned other recipes through travels? Here’s one from my years in Spain, tortilla.

Please share yours.

Salud – Here’s to more good times and good stories.