One cannot doubt that traveling activates the senses.  Many of my memories and stories of traveling include smells of spices in a market in Marrakesh, witnessing the beauty of a coral reef in Cozumel, hearing a new rhythm and instruments as never before, and enjoying a delicious meal on a street corner or family run eatery.  For this story, I choose to talk about food. It is not only a necessity, but a way to understand a culture and a person fully.

I experienced my first tortilla española over ten years ago in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid. A tortilla española or Spanish omelet is the most commonly served dish in Spain.  It is a peasant, comfort food that is simply potatoes, eggs, onions, olive oil, and salt.  It can be eaten as a mid-afternoon snack, light dinner, or even a sandwich, called a bocadillo.

Although you would think that an omelet would be something that you could just improvise, I actually knew that in order to prepare an authentic tortilla española, I would need some insider tips.  After eating numerous tortillas and reading recipes on how to do it, I took a long bus ride from Madrid to Murcia in Southern Spain to have one of my friend’s family members show me step by step how to make a tortilla española.  My friend’s grandmother’s technique has served me for over a decade. In fact, it was part of this week’s menu at Chez Ms Traveling Pants. See the recipe below, try it, and insert it into your culinary repertoire.

Prep Time: 10 minutes


How to in 25 minutes:

Buen provecho!

p.s. There is an actual tortilla española pan to make the flip work, but I dare you to try the flip and master it. The challenge is part of the fun!

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  1. This looks divine! I love getting people’s tried and true recipes – they are always the best. I’m going to try this one for sure because I as much as I love Spanish Tortilla, I have never thought of making one, till now. Thanks!

  2. I am in love with the tortilla… having traveled throughout spain, I have had more tortillas than I can remember, all of them delicious. My personal favorite is the bocadillo. I have made several tortillas at home, and love to bring one along to friend’s parties. Thanks for making me hungry!

  3. I don’t completely agree on the recipe, but regardless a very well written post – I’ll link back from my NJ Cooking Guide site in the comments, when I get time.

  4. Thank you so much, this was very interesting. I was actually born in Spain (I’m not telling when though!) but was moved around various parts of europe and lastly settled in the UK when I was 5. I dont remember an awful lot of the few years I was in spain, but the delicious smell of spanish food always seems to ring a bell in me or something. Funny, how I dont remember anything except the smells,isn’t it! I actually found a whole internet site dedicated to spanish recipes, which gave me great delight and thought I really should to share. Anyway, thank you again. I’ll get my husband to add your website to my rss app…