We’ve all heard it time and time again whether from our mothers, friends, or a pop culture TV host, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Let’s face it; it’s healthy to live in a manner of spinning negatives into positives. I, like many of my readers, have been dealt both good and bad hands of cards, but it really depends on what you do with the situation that makes a difference.

After nearly six trips to Cuba just this year, I have been witness to the spirit of the entire island as living this way. It’s a Cuban way of life. All of the Cubans that I have met are passionate and kind with a stoic essence of the Midwest or Scandinavia. However, it is zest for life and living in the moment that makes the culture so rich and distinct. If life deals them a bad hand of dominos or worse, they move on, perhaps laughing about it, and enjoying the simple things in life like smoking a good Cuban cigar, drinking a Cuban coffee, sipping some Havana Club Reserve, or just watching the world go by with a friend, family member, or neighbor.

Ms Traveling Pants in Trinidad CubaSometimes it is easy to forget the lesson; however, I thought that this play on words in combination with a Cuban cocktail recipe for the canchánchara would be a way to make the lesson finally sink in. I mean who doesn’t like a good cocktail now and again. In fact, the canchánchara, the typical drink of Trinidad, Cuba (shown above), is easy to make and turns those bitter lemons into a sweet libation.  So, there are no excuses for ignoring your duty and health. Make those lemons you were given into cancháncharas!

Canchánchara Ingredients:

How to Serve a Canchánchara:

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Here’s to more good times and good stories.