After a week of big news about Cuba and the United States, I just had to chime in with my two cents.

Amo a Cuba (I love Cuba)!

Americans that have not been to Cuba and even Cuban Americans that I meet me ask,

“What do you love about Cuba?”

With all politics aside and not wanting to sound cliche, I love Cuba because of its people. Over multiple trips, nearly eighty days in Cuba, I have become familia with many of my Cuban friends and encounters in Cienfuegos, Trinidad, Santa Clara, and Havana. What I love about each and every one of them is their humor, creativity, genuine warmth, and ability to tell a good story. Believe me, if you want sabor (taste/spice) anywhere, a party, at the office, or at the RMV, invite a Cuban. There will be laughter, song, dance, happiness, and probably a story, joke, or three.


For me, what I love about Cuba is shown above in the picture. It is about more than old cars, mojitos, and cigars. For those of that want the opportunity to travel to Cuba, you will try more than just mojitos and cigars, but also cancháncharas (typical rum drink of Trinidad), piña coladas (with or without rum) and perhaps the best dessert ever, coconut natilla (pudding like dessert).  Along your Cuban adventure, you will meet tremendously talented musicians, artists, mechanics (a.k.a. magicians), mixologists, dancers, chefs, and even baseball players like my familia. Also, you will witness and probably stop in your tracks at real Cuban transportation. After seeing the reaction of dozens of Americans, time and time again, I had to show you some shots I took earlier this year. It isn’t just the old cars, but almost every type of transportation on the road, all at once.

Check out these photos from earlier this year across Cuba!

Multiple Modes of Transport in Cuba
Old American Car and Horse-Drawn Cart in Cienfuegos, Cuba
Bici-Taxi near Capitol Building in Havana, Cuba
Creative Railcar Transport in Countryside of Villa Clara, Cuba
Creative Use of a Trunk at Open Air Market in Santa Clara, Cuba
Reading a Good Book in Coco Taxi in Havana, Cuba

Yes, that last shot was from my Havana book signing of When All Balls Drop. Get your copy of When All Balls Drop as well as its sequel, With New Eyes. The third book, Cubicle to Cuba, which features a humorous collection of stories about my travels to Cuba, Peru, New Zealand, Italy, and other far-flung places, is in the works. Until it is complete, find out more about my travels to Cuba as well as recipes, check out these posts: Natilla Recipe and Canchánchara Recipe.

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Here’s to more good times and good stories.