As a continuation of my last post, I thought I would share a more complete list of my travel for work tips….

1) Always get an aisle seat on the plane (plenty of leg room, no need to disturb others to go to the bathroom, but you made have a bruised elbow or stubbed toes by the end of the flight.)

2) Pack snacks like peanuts, dried fruit, and crackers. The plane food is always chicken or beef. I have tried both. They are both let downs. The chicken always comes with buttery veggies that are never seasoned and mashed potatoes that seem to be instant. The beef option is typically pasta or a lasagna.

3) Get to the gate early and scope out the outlets for your laptop and phone. After the majority of the people are there, you will have no chance. Look for outlets around the pillars and even outside of the gate area like by the telephones. There is no shame in camping by an outlet to get connected. I have sat on many an airport floor.

4) Use your plane time wisely. Although the in-flight entertainment may seem fun as it is re-run sitcoms or a movie you haven’t seen, you can catch up on unread documents, write blogs, and draft proposals while killing time.

5) Never allow someone to switch your aisle for a middle seat and certainly do not allow your neighbor to convince you to lift the armrest.

6) You need an overhead baggage strategy. With every company charging for additional features previously included like baggage, people are now bringing on gigantic bags and rushing aboard to claim their overhead space. Don’t worry if above your seat there is no room, but you must start thinking a couple of rows ahead. Plus, this will help upon exiting the plane as well as your bag is ahead of your row to move the deplaning process forward quickly. It is a different strategy for Southwest which has a “cattle call” for the seats. There is no strategy except check in early early early AND fight for your place in line. If you are traveling with friends, there is strength in numbers.

7) Even if you don’t like the peanuts or chips they give you on the plane, save them. Sometimes your flight gets in late or you don’t have time to eat a proper meal while at an industry expo or event, those pretzels and peanuts will be your way to survival that is until you get back to the hotel and order room service. There will always be a club sandwich on the menu if you are skittish of other items.

Do you have other additional tips? I would love to add them to my repertoire.


Ms. Traveling Pants