After just coming back from an exciting group travel experience in Cuba, I wanted to share an idea that I heard long ago. I think travelers around the world will relate to it. I know I certainly can as well as many of my fellow travel companions of past trips.

Travel is like sex. There are thousands of ways to do it. It just depends on how you like it.

Whether traveling in a large group or smaller intimate family/friend scenarios, each traveler likes different places, activities, foods and drinks that hit a chord with us personally. If you have ever traveled with others, you know this to be true. Some prefer leisurely mornings and others pound a local coffee hitting the ground running and burning the midnight oil at the clubs. If you are fortunate to find that special clique that works for your travel style or that special travel companion, you have won the lottery.  There are many horror stories of travel companions gone awry. We all have them! And, they are probably not good times, but they are indeed good stories.

So getting back to the analogy of travel is like sex, I wanted to give you some playful travel examples. It could be that someone just wants a one-day stand in a location to hit only the major sites and move on; whereas, others could prefer to experience some cuisine, music, and dance of the destination prior like foreplay. And, others could experience the culture over a longer, slower, leisurely pace tweaking itineraries the more they know about the area, people, cuisine, and other. I could go on and on and on like Viagra, but enough about my examples.

Don’t you agree that travel is like sex? How do you like your travel? 

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Here’s to more good times and good stories.