Having stayed in five different hotels in the last three weeks, I must say that I was fortunate to miss the bed bugs (as you know my affinity to bugs and my reactions), but I did sleep tight! From California to the Carolinas to Jersey and Costa Rica one thing was for sure:

In ALL hotels, regardless of price, state, or country, there is always something very similar….the way the bed is made using military style technique.

Have you ever noticed that getting into the hotel bed is a process? There must be at least 5-7 pillows of all arrays of styles: square, regular, round, long and cylindrical. Then, you must rip free from the depths of the mattress and frame not just the comforter but the blanket and the sheet.

As a person that enjoys throwing a leg or foot out to keep my thermometer comfortable, I seem to fight the military style bed making skills that make sleeping the night through rather impossible. Through my turns and temperature adjustments, I rip the sheets free from their imprisonment and give myself some breathing room.

In this day and age where hotels are customizing sleeping experiences whether it be with both firm and soft pillows to select from and sleep number beds, can I get a bed with a non-military style preparation?

Any comments of your hotel experiences, bed making styles, or bed bugs?