Whether you are in the Abacos for a weekend cruise, week, or even for a season, one must visit these chosen sights at least once. Both of these Abaconian spots offer beautiful vistas of the surrounding turquoise waters and neighboring cays.

Hope Town Lighthouse on Elbow Cay

Hope Town is a great first stop after a day of sailing from your departure from Marsh Harbor. Only a matter of miles separate you and your crew from Hope Town, its harbor, and the beloved candy-striped lighthouse. A landmark for all of the Abacos, the lighthouse is painted red and white.

Although now, it draws many visitors to Hope Town, it was not a favorable addition upon first construction. ¬†With the majority of the town making a living off of salvaging shipwrecks, the lighthouse was not a wise choice short-term. All I can say is that the person looking at the larger picture back then was probably not very popular, but most that are ahead of their time are not – just refer to Christopher Columbus, Vincent Van Gogh, Georgia O’Keefe, and others.

If you still are not tempted to jump ship and climb the lighthouse, look right at the view that you too may see through various windows along your journey up the windy staircase, past the kerosene light, and through a small door to the panoramic look out deck.


Located on Great Guana Cay, another easy day sail from Hope Town, this is a great harbor with ample moorings with opportunities for provisioning and entertainment. Located only a dinghy ride from the boat to the docks and a short walk or golf cart ride, Nipper’s is an eclectic bar overlooking the Atlantic side of Great Guana Cay. Decorated in bright Caribbean colors with multiple decks and two pools, Nipper’s bar is known for its drinks, live music, and pirate theme; thus, our crew decided to play the part with pirate hats, swords, eye patches, and well rum (AAAArrrrrrggggggghhhhh).

So as I said earlier, whether you are visiting the Sailing Capital of the World for a weekend, week, or a season, both the Hope Town Lighthouse and Nipper’s are two must sees. In fact, they made my To Repeat List. On my next cruise through the Abacos (hopefully Spring 2013), I will make a stop at each. If you have visited either, I would love to hear your comments here or on Facebook or Twitter.

Here’s to more good times and good stories.