Living Out of a Suitcase Travel Packing Tips

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Although the title states suitcase, this could go for backpack, trunk, or whatever type of travel bag you use. I’ve used them all, including leaving on a trip for a weekend with a carry-on and having it turn into five months. Regardless of the length or type of trip, there are definitely challenges when living out of a suitcase.

Have you experiences these living out of a suitcase hiccups?

  • Wrinkle-free clothes turn out to be wrinkled anyway
  • Everything you want is underneath the other stuff you don’t want
  • You can’t find anything regardless the numerous compartments
  • You packed for climate, but not for weather. (ex. You brought layers, but a cold front comes in with below freezing temps. You didn’t bring your parka.)
  • Overpacked with no room for anything else; thus you start donating to the hostel/hotel
  • You wished you had another suitcase
  • OR The BIG challenge of living out of a suitcase, your suitcase never arrived.

If you are to live out of suitcase, here are my travel packing tips:

(FYI: I will be using these on my next three and a half weeks through New Zealand and Australia)

  • Take less. My rule is reduce by a third. Buy other clothes there, which function as a good souvenir.
  • Roll. Don’t fold.
  • Always wear your bulkiest shoes, jacket, and pants on the plane/bus.
  • Zip lock bags are your friend (toiletries, dirty clothes, important docs).
  • Don’t leave without a sarong (functions as a impromptu picnic blanket, towel at beach, outfit in tropical climate, sheet, or scarf).
  • Travel with a hat. It’s the best bad hair day fixer upper. Plus, it protects from the sun as well as keeps you warm in pinch.
  • Pack facial tissues and hand-sanitizer. The world is a dirty place. And some of those dirty places don’t have toilet paper.

Do you have living out of a suitcase stories to share? What about other living out of a suitcase tips? 

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Here’s to more good times and good stories.

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